Status Updates

After my carefully curated Instagram profile was deleted without warning and recourse, probably for a gun themed image I posted years ago, I've decided to distance myself from the various social media platforms. With my own server and my own site, it's much easier not to run afoul of phantom and dynamic terms of service and "community standards". Here's the status updates I chose to publish:

2024-04-02 - 06:49:00

Anyone else up since 0500 geeking out on storm attributes? No? Just me? #SKYWARN #AmateurRadio

2024-04-01 - 12:28:00

One from Saturdays outing. Who doesn't love combining motorcycles and cameras!

2024-03-26 - 18:51:00

Excited! My new KF8KI QSL cards arrived today! #AmateurRadio Don't get me wrong, I love the expediency of electronic confirmations, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love getting QSL cards in the mail!

2024-03-17 - 11:38:00

Special Event Station K4G commemorating the Battle of Guilford Courthouse in the Civil War is currently on the air on 14.250! Got em in the log! #AmateurRadio

2024-03-17 - 09:51:00

Officially a member of OMISS!😊The O.M. International Sideband Society. Check out my OMISS profile here! #amateurradio #omiss

2024-03-16 - 00:29:00

OK, now that was fun! Found my way into the! #AmateurRadio 12 contacts, several immediately confirmed on QRZ. Applied for my OMISS number already 😁

2024-03-14 - 22:58:00

Perhaps a little #SKYWARN this evening? #amateurradio

2024-03-11 - 22:04:00

Caprese smashburgers on the blackstone! Mozzarella, fresh cut homegrown basil, tomatoes and a balsamic reduction. #yum

2024-03-06 - 22:19:00

Me and my buddy!

2024-03-02 - 20:48:00

Off to a good start on the countries for this evening! #dx #amateurradio. Just picked up II2S in Italy, 59 on 14,255.

2024-03-01 - 21:37:00

As if I needed a reminder that I need a compressed air fix, PJ4G in BONAIRE is coming in 59+ on 14,2125 in the ARRL #DX Contest. For the uninitiated Bonaire is easily my favorite #scubadiving location in the world. #amateurradio

2024-03-01 - 20:12:00

Good Lord! If you need #DX, you should be on 20m right now! ARRL DX Contest in progress. Check out the country roster on my first contacts tonight! #amateurradio

2024-03-01 - 13:54:00

Wooohoooo! Santa (I mean the UPS guy!) showed up with my QRZ swag today! #amateurradio

2024-03-01 - 13:30:00

732 miles since January 1 for the Chapter 033 Polar Bear Challenge. Can't wait to see how I compare to the others participating! #theraputicwristaction #Goldwing

2024-02-24 - 21:44:00

The #DX is absolutely hopping on 40 tonight. FY5KE in French Guiana on 7.180. 53 here. In the log! #amateurradio I guess the Patagonia DX Contest has them all on the air.

2024-02-24 - 20:28:00

TM5G in Boussay, France coming in 55 on 7.143! In the log! 😁😁 Had a helluva time getting his call because he's using "Guatamala" as the phonetic for "G" and that's hell to understand in his French accent!

2024-02-22 - 18:59:00

POTA Station 9Y4NWK in 9Y-0004 Palmiste Park Nature Park on the island of Trinidad and Tobago coming in 55 on 14,328!! In the log!! #dx #amateurradio

2024-02-21 - 22:56:00

Snuck out for a few miles before the sun set and tomorrow's rain moves in. Happened by my favorite covered bridge. Glad to see it back open. They did a great job of restoring it its former glory. #theraputicwristaction #goldwing

2024-02-17 - 12:28:00

Snuck out for a run of the #RedcatRacing Scout in the snow before it all melts off!

2024-02-16 - 17:34:00

CT7AGE in Albergaria-a-Velha Portugal coming in 57 on 18.145! #dx #amateurradio

2024-02-15 - 07:49:00

Dream job acquired! Go look up my call on the most common non-FCC site to do so and you might get a hint of what it is! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ #amateurradio

2024-02-14 - 20:37:00

YS1/F4IXC 57 here on 14.275, 5 down. French operator operating portable in El Savador #dx #amateurradio

2024-02-09 - 21:58:00

Happy Chinese New Year! The year of the Dragon begins tomorrow.

2024-02-08 - 14:13:00

LX2JJ in Luxembourg coming in 57 on 14.185! In the log! 😊

2024-02-06 - 16:28:00

Busy setting up some check-out code for an Easter related event, and had to chuckle a bit at the framework code as it was coming together...

2024-02-01 - 21:15:00

Took advantage of the semi sunny day for a bit more wind therapy #theraputicwristaction

2024-01-29 - 17:59:00

Snuck out for a bit of #theraputicwristaction before the "wintery mix" moves in tommorrow! Spotted some rail equipment I'd never seen before so had to go around the block and stop to do a bit of #railfanning while I was at it 😁

2024-01-29 - 09:57:00

I think it's cool they do the POTA awards. I may not have a million parks like some of the operators I see, but I'm making progress! #POTA #amateurradio

2024-01-25 - 16:03:00

Excited to have just picked up the Clipperton Island DXpedition on 24.960! Looks like there's more than just radio going on as well. Details here:

2024-01-24 - 11:55:00

New diving experience in the books. First hyperbaric chamber ride today...

2024-01-12 - 18:13:00

I've been wanting a Blackstone forever it seems, but with recent events, they've been out of reach. I'm thankful though to have been gifted one that needed some TLC by a good friend recently. I'm pleased to report the TLC has been completed, the cook surface cleaned up beautifully and reseasoning is in progress! Now to decide what to cook first!

2024-01-07 - 11:07:00

Well. Started with my tethered "healthy hand grenade" this morning. Wish me luck! #diabetessucks #healthyhandgrenade

2024-01-07 - 00:16:00

She busted me out! Time for shenanigans, starting with a cheeseburger! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. Still got a long way to go, which includes babysitting a continuous antibiotic infusion for the next four to six weeks, but I didn't loose any more parts and life can return to some semblance of normalcy. At least it can return to what passes for normal the last couple months.

2024-01-03 - 00:58:00

Yay! πŸ™„ Current view. This is not helping me get miles in for the Polar Bear Contest!

2023-12-30 - 22:04:00

Figures! Working on a stop motion video of my build of the Martian Research Shuttle, and damned if the battery doesn't die on the GoPro I'm doing the stills with 3/4 of the way through πŸ™„ #legography

2023-12-29 - 17:01:00

Taking advantage of the less than optimal weather to upgrade and revise some wiring in the brain bucket...

2023-12-27 - 16:37:00

My kinda store... judicious marksmanship is appreciated! 😁

2023-12-27 - 15:58:00

I can neither confirm nor deny that #theraputicwristaction may be in progress today... possibly in conjunction with the "Soundtrack to Life" (tm) at high volume... 😁😁😁

2023-12-26 - 12:39:00

Daaaaad! I'm starving! Pwease can I have some of that sammich? Pweeeeeese?

2023-12-24 - 20:58:00

Got a chuckle when I looked over and saw HamClock has Santa's location tracked today. Wonder if he has that radio I asked for on the sled πŸ€”πŸ˜Š

2023-12-12 - 19:02:00

So the first attempt at "mold" of my pumpkin's face didn't work. Resulting mesh from the boolean operation looked great in Blender and another 3d program, but apparently the slicer wasn't having it. Turns out I needed to learn the difference between manifold and non-manifold. I actually think I found a Blender bug because the operation shouldn't have produced non-manifold mesh, but I was able to work around it. Once I had a manifold mesh it printed fine.

2023-12-07 - 11:20:00

Next up: A boolean difference operation to make a "mold" of an irregular surface. A fundamental step in my idea to make my own custom orthotics. Fingers crossed. Test print is on the printer now.

2023-12-07 - 10:20:00

And this is why we do test prints. Not sure why the stem didn't print. Have to figure that out. It will make a good stress ball though!

2023-12-07 - 00:43:00

3d print of the pumpkin in progress!

2023-12-06 - 18:53:00

Learning how to use Blender to create 3d models for printing. Trying my hand at a pumpkin! Probably going to print it with TPU and call it a "stress ball"

2023-12-04 - 10:33:00

Weigold Enterprises offers a wide range of services from development to data entry, including Quickbooks data entry and integration. Got a heavy load of data to process this holiday season? Let us see how we can help you with that!

2023-12-03 - 19:44:00

Needed a domain specific logo for my login page. These are a few of my favorite things... what do you think?

2023-12-03 - 15:35:00

Local friends: I need a garage/bay for maybe a half day or day to replace some brake lines on the Tahoe. Willing to rent if needed. Bonus points if it's got a vehicle lift. She's been down a month now and I need to get her back on the road. Going to have to replace the lines myself. Need to get it as far in the air as I can and be able to at least roll underneath her. My driveway isn't conducive to it, even if the weather is cooperating. Anyone have suggestions? Anyplace you know rent repair bays locally? (picture for attention)

2023-12-01 - 16:45:00

OK FB. That's some eerily specific add targeting. WTF... And the ad was liked by two other Weigolds I don't know but may be related to. It's not like I have a common last name...

2023-11-30 - 19:49:00

Thinking back to warmer times. I'm not sure I have a good title for this one yet, but since I was in an OBX kinda mood and already tired of the chill in the air...

2023-11-30 - 10:36:00

A random image edit for today. I'm calling this one "Inside Oracoke Light". OBX is one of my favorite places on the planet, and it's home to Ocracoke Island, which is of course home of the Ocracoke Lightstation. The Lightstation is a 75 foot tall lighthouse on the south end of the island and was reportedly first lit in 1824. It's not open to climbing, but on some occasions they open the base so you can at least see inside.

2023-11-29 - 09:12:00

If you ever want to see a perfect example of the type of building I'd love to get my hands on, this is it. This is the old Friend Paper Co offices up in West Carrollton. I've been eyeballing it driving through the area for a while thinking it was a railroad related building. Turns out it's not, but that doesn't make it any less cool. Finally got up there earlier this year and did a drone flight over it. You can check that out here: Drone flight over Friend Paper Co July 12, 2023

2023-11-28 - 07:06:00

If you're interested, I've just added another drone flight video I edited. This one is of the Old Hemple Road Bridge in Moraine. Check it out: Drone flight over Old Hemple Road bridge July 12, 2023

2023-11-27 - 17:46:00

Unwinding with a little CODM. The MICU guys that got me in to this game used to refer to it as "slayin' some bitches!" 🀣

2023-11-27 - 13:22:00

In the "Are you fucking kidding me?" category, this popped up as "Breaking News". $5.8M sounds like a great break until you read the details and find that it amounts to "roughly $40 per household". With today's prices, that's about 1 less trip to eat fast food a year. I'm sure all the commissioners are patting themselves on the back for the awesome tax break though.

2023-11-27 - 12:16:00

I finally got a chance to work on editing the video from a drone flight I did over the Okeana Trestle back in May. I got a couple of good images and a bunch of awesome video. If you want to check out the video from the flight and more details on the trestle, you can find it here: Drone flight over Okeana rail trestle May 5, 2023

2023-11-25 - 16:27:00

I'm excited to report that I've rolled out domain specific status updates, so now other domains on the platform can have their own update page. Check out the Benevolent Cruisers Foundation status updates!

2023-11-20 - 11:21:00

Small businesses: do you need some graphic, website, video or other technical support? I have some open availability and would love to chat about how I can help meet your needs.

2023-11-18 - 08:05:00

Been a while since I've been inspired to put pencil to paper...

2023-11-17 - 15:59:00

Damn near in danger of wearing out my keyboard, but the Benevolent Cruisers Foundation website is getting close to being ready to go live!

2023-11-13 - 10:01:00

Local friends, who needs firewood? I've got more than I'll use in years and still more that needs cut and split, and I need to get some dollars in the bank. Even the newest stuff has 12 months of seasoning. The older stuff even more. I've probably got at least 4 cords split and stacked. More on the ground. I'm not ready to put it on marketplace, before anyone says that. My driveway is BADLY damaged and someone coming to get it NEEDS to have 4wd to get up the driveway and be prepared to load it themselves. I'm not mobile enough to do it, and I'm not ready to deal with the logistics of the general public. If you or someone you trust has the ability to 4wd up the Mountain and come get it, tell me how much you want and make me an offer.

2023-11-12 - 19:23:00

Just me and my peg leg. Wonder if I could ride Ghost with this thing πŸ€”

2023-11-12 - 18:09:00

Depressingly accurate...

2023-11-10 - 18:03:00

Having a bit of fun with CODM for the first time in forever!

2023-11-08 - 14:47:00

Revisiting pictures from the Twisted Pretzel. It was so cool working motorcycle mobile. Can't wait to heal up enough to get back on the bike.

2023-11-07 - 19:30:00

I'll show you mine if you show me yours! Yep, even my mobility impaired ass hobbled into a polling place!

2023-11-07 - 14:00:00

Here's a closer look at that fireless locomotive from my quick stop in Hinton, WV. These things are pretty cool. Used in areas where there was a sensitivity to fire or dangerous fumes. No fire box. Boiler was recharged from a stationary boiler somewhere.

2023-11-06 - 15:00:00

All is right with the world 😊

2023-11-06 - 10:00:00

With my health improving enough that I actually want to spend a little time doing things I enjoy, I've spent time this morning working with some drone video I shot on the way back from OBX in Hinton WV. This Chesapeak and Ohio rail car dates back to 1942, and the engine behind it is a rare "fireless" engine. It only has the boiler tank and no firebox. They were common yard switchers in areas sensitive to fire precautions and were "recharged" from a stationary boiler.

2023-10-01 - 00:16:00

Rundown Cafe for the Sunday special bloody mary! Chicken and waffles themed!

2023-09-30 - 17:18:00

The sky is looking a bit angry today, but that's not doing anything to diminish the joy that we've finally arrived for some time at our favorite place, OBX!

2023-09-05 - 18:36:00

Decided on a bit of a hike at Hueston Woods and took the #RedcatRacing Scout along to drive the trails. Fun time and enough of a challenge to make it interesting. I'm looking forward to doing this again! Here's the Scout at the falls:

2023-07-21 - 23:07:00

I'm calling this one "Beware my ire, lest the results be... unpleasant!". This is an all in-camera effect shot outside in the yard. Supplemental fill flash was done with rear curtain sync.

2023-07-13 - 15:51:00

One of the cool railroad related buildings I encountered while I was out exploring yesterday. The former train station in Franklin

2023-07-12 - 18:17:00

Got out for a ride and some drone flights today 😊

2023-04-05 - 18:03:00

Doing a bit of biking in Kittyhawk Woods with my sweetie!

2023-04-03 - 18:30:00

I think the Currituck Beach Light is my favorite. Don't get me wrong, I love the barber pole striped version of this same lighthouse down the block a ways, but this one's unpainted exterior and wooded location is way more scenic to me!

2022-01-01 - 10:13:00

A little medical humor! Happy New Year!

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