Underwater Sombrero

Welcome!  Underwater Sombrero is the name I’ve given to a photography book publishing project I’m working on.  It’s goal is to publish a hardcover, 200ish page book of photography and information on Sombrero Key, FL and it’s spur and groove reef formations.  Once published, sales of the book will benefit the organization Reef Relief and their mission of education and conservation.

The project has been in progress since 2009 and we’re close to being ready to actually develop the book’s layout.  We still have some more photography to do though and with one, possibly two more expeditions we should have all of the photography we need.

Breaking News: the 13 month 2016 Underwater Sombrero Calendar is out!

To get there, we need your help.   We’re not asking for donations, although they won’t be refused, we’re asking for you to purchase something from our project.  We call them “funding incentives” and they range from prints to copies of the book.  Some of the prints are available now and others, as well as copies of the book, will be available after publication.  Your purchase helps fund the project and you receive a creation from the project as a result!

We’re trying to reach a goal of $4000 to get to the next phase of the project.  We could certainly use your help.  If we can’t entice you to make a purchase and help us, even a Facebook like, or a Twitter follow will help us spread the word.  Beyond that, we can also use referrals to business and organizations that might be willing to share our info or display our work.

You can visit the Underwater Sombrero project page to learn more about the project and see some of the images we’ve already captured.  Here on my personal page, you can follow along as well by reading posts with the Underwater Sombrero tag as well.

Studies show the reefs are deteriorating.  Projects like ours may be the only way future generations can enjoy these natural wonders.

Please take a minute to follow some of these links and learn more about our project.  When you’re done, we’d really appreciate it if you visit the Funding Incentives page and see if something catches your eye.  Incentives start at $10 !