Studio Night – November 21, 2013

This past Thursday was another Studio Night at the Middletown Arts Center and it was probably the best yet.  In the interest of trying to provide some variety to the participants I had scheduled a different model to participate.  Initially she indicated that she was interested, but in the days approaching the event, she failed to confirm the final plans.  After I hadn’t heard from her in about 5 days, I made other arrangements.

Fortunately, Kenzie was willing and able to help out and, as usual, did an exemplary job of giving the photographers a subject to capture.  Check out some of the behind the scenes shots, and a couple of favorites of my shots.   I believe we’re going to schedule the next one for January, so be sure to let me know if you’re interested in attending!

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Please Support the Underwater Sombrero Project!

Underwater Sombrero is a photographic book project by Weigold Photography featuring the amazing coral reefs surrounding Sombrero Key.   Through our project, we plan to document the beauty of these reefs and their inhabitants in a hard bound dust jacketed publication which will be a handsome addition to any coffee table or library.  We’re using the Kickstarter funding platform to try to get our project off the ground.   We launched our 30 funding drive on September 5, 2012, and we have to have pledges for at least $8000 by October 5, 2012 for our project to succeed.  It’s an all or nothing venture!  We’re not asking for donations.  There are incentives for supporting the project starting at $1 (one dollar)!

The direct Kickstarter link is here, you can like the project on facebook, follow it on Twitter, and we also have a dedicated project page.  Please check them out, spread the word, and perhaps, pledge your support!  Thanks!

Feeling Photo-Geeky?

Hey!  Are you feeling particularly photo-geeky?   If so, you might enjoy the blog post I’ve just added over on the Weigold Photography site.    We recently did an artwork shoot for artist Jack Howard and we got some behind-the-scenes images.  I thought some might appreciate the techy details.

Photographing the art of Jack Howard on Weigold