Picking up the Gecko (TB473M6)

One of the things that happens when you own a geocache is that you get email notifications when someone logs it as a find.  A recent finder of Doc’s Mountain Biking #1.5 also dropped off a travel bug which I found amusing and decided to go pick up to help move along, perhaps with a picture or two along the way 🙂

So, I paid a visit to Woodsdale Park today to check on my cache, and pick up Team Shawn_Woerlein’s Geico Travel Tag

I thought it was kinda cool that the Gecko decided to pay my cache a visit.  While I was at the cache, I grabbed a few pictures.  I’ll probably show him around a bit before I drop him off in another cache.  After all, Geico offers motorcycle insurance.  I’m sure the Gecko would enjoy a motorcycle ride or two right?  We’ll see.

Apparently Geico sent out a bunch of these guys and you can actually track recent movements here.  This was apparently in conjunction with a GPS give-a-way, but sadly, I appear to have missed that.

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