Please Support the Underwater Sombrero Project!

Underwater Sombrero is a photographic book project by Weigold Photography featuring the amazing coral reefs surrounding Sombrero Key.   Through our project, we plan to document the beauty of these reefs and their inhabitants in a hard bound dust jacketed publication which will be a handsome addition to any coffee table or library.  We’re using the Kickstarter funding platform to try to get our project off the ground.   We launched our 30 funding drive on September 5, 2012, and we have to have pledges for at least $8000 by October 5, 2012 for our project to succeed.  It’s an all or nothing venture!  We’re not asking for donations.  There are incentives for supporting the project starting at $1 (one dollar)!

The direct Kickstarter link is here, you can like the project on facebook, follow it on Twitter, and we also have a dedicated project page.  Please check them out, spread the word, and perhaps, pledge your support!  Thanks!

Sombrero Light

This image was taken from my boat from a trip to Florida a few years back.  This is the lighthouse on Sombrero Key located about 5 miles offshore from Vaca Key, the location of Marathon, FL.  Sombrero Key may actually have visible sand at extremely low tide, but for the most part, is really a shoal.   Among other features, Sombrero includes an array of “finger” formations of coral radiating away, mostly toward the seeward side.  Check out my posts in the scuba diving category for some underwater images from this beautiful site.  This image caught my eye as I was scanning through the collection.  I’ve color corrected and boosted saturation slightly.