The Boat’s Maiden Voyage

After a lot of work on the engine, the boat is ready for it’s maiden voyage!  We took it down to the ramp on the Great Miami.  Unfortunately for us, the city has not put the dock in this year, and I’d be suprised if they do at all.  That of course complicated things a bit, but we decided to deal with it rather than drive to one of the lakes or the Ohio River.  Things are still not quite right with the engine and specifically the carb, but we motored off the trailer, up and down the river and back on to the trailer without having to paddle, so I’d call it a successful voyage!  I’ll be tweaking on the carb and timing some more soon.  In the mean time, here’s a picture or two of the fun!

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Putting the boat back together

Work progresses on the Sea Ray.  Fortunately, the water only damaged three of the eight cylinders and I was able to get things cleaned up with only a simple cylinder hone.  I was also able to blast the rust out of the intake manifold with my sand blaster.  At this point, things are cleaned and ready to reassemble.  Here’s some images of the reassembly in progress:

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Engine Repair on the Boat

As you may or may not know, late last year I picked up a 1980 Sea Ray Sundowner 225.  When I bought it, I was under the impression that it just needed some carb work and would be ready for water.  When I picked up the boat, the carb was off of it, and I was told that it had been removed at the end of the last season for a rebuild and the rebuild never got done.  That probably should have set off more warning bells than it did.

Fast forward to the spring when I decide it’s time to try to get the  boat running and in the water.  Only then did I learn that the carb had been removed at the end of the last season of use which was estimated to have been three or four years ago, not the end of the last season as in five or six months ago.  Worse, despite the claims of the previous owner, the engine was apparently left uncovered with the open intake manifold exposed for some time.  Ever wonder what happens to an engine when water is allowed to get into the cylinders and stay there.  Yeah.  It’s not pretty.

I always wanted to learn how to rebuild a motor.  Just not the motor on my new boat.  Ugh.

When I got into the carb itself, I wondered how the thing ran at all…  Here’s a couple pictures of the work in progress.  They are as detailed as they are because I not only wanted to document the fun, I wanted to have an assembly reference if needed.

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