Somerville School – January 29th 2009

A day late and a dollar short… seems to be the story of my life.   Worse… I’m late making the posting!  Ah well…

I was reading the online Journal News one morning late in January and learned about the Somerville School.  Apparently the structure had been built in the early 1900’s and served the community for a very long time.  A search netted these details:

Abandoned for more than a decade, Somerville School was completed in 1916 and used for all 12 grades until 1953 when the district became part of Tallawanda City Schools which includes the City of Oxford, Oxford Township, Milford Township, Reily Township, and parts of Hanover Township and the City of Hamilton, making it one of the largest school districts (geographically) in the state. The school wasn’t closed until the early 1980’s though.

Unfortunately, according to the article, the building was slated for demolition the next week.  Disappointing.  Wanting to get some documentation of the building before it was lost forever, I waited for a nice day THAT week (after all demolition was slated for NEXT week right?) and headed out to Somerville.

Turned out to be a good thing I didn’t wait another day because I got there to find demolition already in progress!

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So, I didn’t get to get any pictures of the inside at all…  I did find these interior pictures and discussion on  Personally, I think the demolition of this building really sucks.  Look around the world and you can find buildings thousands of years old.  We can’t even keep one for a hundred.

I tried to dig up more history on the school and area, but found little.   There is some discussion about the school here on