GC3C2H7 Cache Cache at an Old Iron Bridge With a Cool View

Well that title is a mouthful!  Since yesterday (August 18th) was the second International Geocaching Day, I decided to celebrate by picking up a couple of geocaches.   This cache had been on my radar for a while, both because it sounded interesting AND because it was the last place that the Unite for Diabetes Travel Bug I deployed was seen.  Who knows what happened to that little guy.   From looking through the cache logs, someone must have taken it and never logged it.

In any case, I headed out on the bike for a bit of an adventure.   You can check out the geocache listing for this one here.  Turns out, this is another one of those cool places I probably wouldn’t have seen if it weren’t for geocaching.   This particular bridge used to carry SR123 traffic across a rail line.   At some point, the line was abandoned and when SR123 was redone, they removed some of the track and filled in the gully.   The bridge however, was left.  Since they are still maintaining the bridge, I’m guessing it’s for historical reasons.   If you stand on the bridge and look away from the current road, you can see railroad ties and remains of track down in the gully.  I tried to head down for a closer look, but the gully is fenced off, and I didn’t want to trespass.   I hope to do some research though and find out more about the old rail line.

Here’s some pictures:

Update – I guess I’m going to have to try harder on research on this bridge.  The “OZEU 07 -10” stenciled on the bridge refers to a type of bridge paint, presumably applied in July 2010.