Looming in the Fog

Pleased with the images I’d captured of the Trees in the Fog, I decided to visit a rail crossing I’d been thinking about shooting on the way home as well.  Every time I passed the crossing, the signal light near the crossing was always casting color on the tracks and I thought it would be neat in the fog.  As it turned out, I was treated to a train on the siding as well!  Enjoy:

Trees in the Fog

As I was heading home from teaching photography class the other day, the temperature had warmed and a lot of the snow was melting.  Quite a thick fog developed!  I caught sight of a beautiful scene of trees on the way and decided to stop to capture a few images.  Enjoy:

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Outer Banks Gallery

I love OBX and I’ve been going there on and off since I was a kid.  While you’ll probably find plenty of posts related to visits there by the time I’m done, this gallery is one of my shots I consider artwork and thus my favorites.  I’ll be updating it from time to time as I visit again!  Be sure to check back and see what new images I’ve added!

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