Orienteering at Armco Park

As some know, I’ve been battling a foot injury for many months now, so it was with more than a little consideration that I decided to do this orienteering event. Unfortunately as an outdoor person, much of 2016 was miserable, because I was so limited due to the injury. I needed to get out of the house! This event came up in my Facebook feed about a week before the event, and while I’ve been orienteering before (nav with a map and compass) I’d never been to an organized orienteering event.


Wow. It was awesome. Well organized. Detailed maps. Friendly welcoming people. Inexpensive. It was with Orienteering Cincinnati and over in Armco Park, situated near Middletown and Lebanon. It will not be my last event for sure.

Dennis and I did this one. Based on recommendations from the organizers, we started with the Yellow course, which was about middle of the road. Ultimately, it was too easy for my taste, but live and learn. They gave us the option to go back out on a more difficult course (there were I think 7 to choose from) but with the cold and not wanting to overdo it with my foot, we decided to save a more difficult course for the next time out.

We were issued a timing chip and the detailed map for our course and we were on our way. One slight nav error between controls 12 and 13. Should have sighted an azimuth for that one, and one bushwack near 10 which could have been avoided, but otherwise a pretty good showing I think. According to our timing report, it took us an hour and 12 minutes. We walked casually and enjoyed the adventure. Some compete and make it a race. I could see working to make our time better for self improvement in the future, but I don’t think I’ll ever be interested in running one of these and really “competing”. Having said that, it would have been nice to come in something other than dead last! 

I found myself thinking it would be awesome to work such a course on a mountain bike, and with much joy, I learned that the group is trying to plan several such mountainbike orienteering events later this year. I’d be all over that!. For now though, I’m looking forward to the next one of these. I believe it’s in about two weeks in the Loveland area.  And yes, my foot did fine.  Thanks for asking!

Here’s a map of the adventure from the GPS data I captured: