On the bucket list: U-85

We were fortunate to find a local dive shop on Roanoke Island which is actually still open and has air and other amenities available.  One of the things we found there was this awesome book on the German U-Boat U-85 which sunk off the coast of North Carolina in a battle during the early days of WWII.  Thanks to my sweetie for buying the book for me.  The U-85 has been on my bucket list as a dive for years, and one of the things we learned is that in season, you can get a charter operator to take you out to dive the U-85 pretty much every week.  Now we just have to get back in season!

Outer Banks Gallery

I love OBX and I’ve been going there on and off since I was a kid.  While you’ll probably find plenty of posts related to visits there by the time I’m done, this gallery is one of my shots I consider artwork and thus my favorites.  I’ll be updating it from time to time as I visit again!  Be sure to check back and see what new images I’ve added!

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