Why is it “medic shit”?

I was asked recently why I referred to it as doing “medic shit”. The person asking assumed that because I used the word “shit” that I must not enjoy it or that it somehow was undesirable.  I gave a relatively non commital answer at the time, but on and off I’ve given thought to my answer and it dawned on me where “medic shit” came from.

One of my absolute favorite movies of all time is Top Gun, and I suppose I fancy myself as the medic version of Maveric.  I’m pretty sure my brother knows this and in fact fancies himself as Ice Man.  He’ll routinely ask “you up for this Maveric?” when we’re preparing to deal with some challenge. To which I’m expected to reply “Just a walk in the park Kazansky!” 😆😆

And of course, anyone running with me back in the day knows that my favorite “enroute music” is the theme song from Top Gun: “Danger Zone”. Nothing quite as cool as hauling ass down the road with lights running, siren blaring, and Danger Zone blasting from the speakers. Especially at night! 😉

Remember the scene from the movie where Maveric and Goose are chasing after Jester? They do a tricky maneuver and then Goose says “c’mon Mav, do some of that Pilot Shit!”  😆😆😆

So it’s only logical that when I’m dealing with a critical patient, Goose’s voice in my head says “c’mon Steve, do some of that Medic Shit!”

Right? 😉