Visiting the Ghost Ship

Cincinnati Paddlers (Cincy Paddlers) makes an annual after Halloween pilgrimage to the remains of our area’s own “Ghost Ship”.  Most recently the Circle Line V, the ship has a storied history which includes service in two world wars, serving as an anti sub warfare experiment platform for Thomas Edison, a tour boat, and a cameo appearance in a Madonna music video before ending up rusting and forgotten in a creek near St. Petersburg KY.

Here’s Queen City Discovery’s post on the ship with awesome details on it’s history.

For the Paddlers, the trip is supposed to be Halloween-esq and some paddlers arrived in costumes and decorated their boats.  We of course also had to partake of an after paddle visit to the nearby Skyline…

We launched at Tanner’s creek, near Lawrenceburg, IN and paddled across the Ohio and upriver a bit to the creek.  It was about a 4 mile paddle, round trip.

As you might imagine, I grabbed a picture or two….

I also got some video, but I’ll add that in another post.

Kayaking – February 8, 2015

With a pleasant break in the weather and temperatures approaching 60 degrees, Dennis and I decided that a kayak outing was in order.  We originally planned for some flat water up at Hueston Woods since I was going to be making the maiden voyage in a new boat.  To our dismay though, Acton Lake was still completely frozen!

We opted for one of our “old reliable” runs, and put in on the GMR at Combs Park for a short paddle up the GMR and up Four Mile Creek (FMC) to the Seven Mile Ave bridge.  We had a bit of a wind, which kicked up some chop, but otherwise it was an enjoyable paddle.  The grey day and dead vegetation didn’t do much for the scenic value of the trip, but it was relaxing anyway!

As I mentioned above, this was to be the maiden voyage of the new Jackson Cruise 12 I recently acquired.  It’s the colorful one in the pictures.   Dennis decided he wanted to give my other boat a go, so he paddled my Eagle Run.  Even though I demoed the Jackson before purchase, I wasn’t sure about the sit-on-top until this run.  I’m hooked.  The seat was amazing.  The boat is very stable, and I could easily paddle it all day.

I just need a longer paddle.  The 230cm I have currently is a bit too short.

A few pictures:

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