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Underwater Sombrero is a photographic book project by Weigold Photography featuring the amazing coral reefs surrounding Sombrero Key.   Through our project, we plan to document the beauty of these reefs and their inhabitants in a hard bound dust jacketed publication which will be a handsome addition to any coffee table or library.  We’re using the Kickstarter funding platform to try to get our project off the ground.   We launched our 30 funding drive on September 5, 2012, and we have to have pledges for at least $8000 by October 5, 2012 for our project to succeed.  It’s an all or nothing venture!  We’re not asking for donations.  There are incentives for supporting the project starting at $1 (one dollar)!

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GCX531 Caesar Creek Island Cache

We decided to make an impromptu run to Caesar Creek to put the pontoon on the water.  The weather was supposed to be nice and the pontoon hasn’t gotten near as much use as I would like it to 🙂

One of the things I like about Caesar Creek is the several islands it has.  Better than that, the two big ones in the lake both have geocaches on them and I’ve had them on the list for some time!  Since we had a geocache friendly crew on board, we decided that we were going to try for one of them.

After putting in at Furnas Shores, we decided that we’d make landing on the island in the south pool.  We easily evaded the submerged trees and put the pontoons on the sand.   Dennis and I made the climb up a small bluff with the aid of some trees and discovered after a minute or two of bushwacking, the island opens up into a beautiful canopy of trees with little ground cover.  As such, it was an easy walk to the cache area.  We found the cache with no issues and made our way back.   This is such a beautiful place that I definitely want to schedule a photoshoot out here!

Here’s a couple of links:

Check out the pictures:

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GC192R8 Woodville Falls

Second geocache for the day in my celebration of the second International Geocaching Day.  Again we have another cool location that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about.  Not only was this a cool location, but check out the log cabin and stone structure nearby.   I don’t know what the stone structure was, but it looks like it could have been an old mill.   I’m hoping to do some research on it and get some details.

You can check out the geocache listing for this one here.

Here’s the pictures:

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