CL&N Tunnel North Portal

If you’ve been following along for any length of time, you’ve probably seen my interest in local historical sites of all types, including those related to local railroads.  One of the many places on my list to visit is a remaining tunnel on the CL&N line which used to run from Cincinnati to Dayton through Lebanon.  Much of the track is gone, but there are a number of features remaining from the line.  I actually visited several on the day I visited the tunnel, but I’ll save those for other posts.

I didn’t get to do as much photography and scouting as I would have liked, because this was an impromptu visit, more for scouting than anything else.  I will be back though, with better camera equipment, lights, and suitable attire for sloshing through the standing water in a 100+ year old tunnel!   Here’s the images I captured this time around.

Places to Visit – CL&N Bridge

In my ongoing fascination with history and railroads, one that has caught my eye is the CL&N.  Some of the features of the right of way are still in place, and one you may recall me mentioning is the CL&N Tunnel near downtown Cincinnati.  Another remnant of the line is the bridge that crosses the I-71 corridor.  Maybe when I get a chance to go check out the tunnel, I’ll check out the bridge on the way back north!

Here’s a discussion on Queen City Discovery on their visit to the bridge.

Better late than never!

In the better late than never category, we received an interesting piece of mail today.  It’s a newsletter from Hamilton’s German Village, addressed to the wife of a previous owner of our house.

That’s not really the interesting part.  The interesting part is that the envelope looked quite old, but it was postmarked May 6, 2014.  Further, when we opened it, we found that the equally old looking newsletter was dated October 22, 1982!  Yes. 1982.

It would seem that the addressed and sealed newsletter has been sitting around for a while until someone got around to mailing it.