Kayaking – February 8, 2015

With a pleasant break in the weather and temperatures approaching 60 degrees, Dennis and I decided that a kayak outing was in order.  We originally planned for some flat water up at Hueston Woods since I was going to be making the maiden voyage in a new boat.  To our dismay though, Acton Lake was still completely frozen!

We opted for one of our “old reliable” runs, and put in on the GMR at Combs Park for a short paddle up the GMR and up Four Mile Creek (FMC) to the Seven Mile Ave bridge.  We had a bit of a wind, which kicked up some chop, but otherwise it was an enjoyable paddle.  The grey day and dead vegetation didn’t do much for the scenic value of the trip, but it was relaxing anyway!

As I mentioned above, this was to be the maiden voyage of the new Jackson Cruise 12 I recently acquired.  It’s the colorful one in the pictures.   Dennis decided he wanted to give my other boat a go, so he paddled my Eagle Run.  Even though I demoed the Jackson before purchase, I wasn’t sure about the sit-on-top until this run.  I’m hooked.  The seat was amazing.  The boat is very stable, and I could easily paddle it all day.

I just need a longer paddle.  The 230cm I have currently is a bit too short.

A few pictures:

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Doc’s Adventures #2 Placed!

I’m excited to report that my geocache: Doc’s Adventures #2 has been placed and submitted for review.  Hopefully they’ll get it reviewed and posted soon!

Doc’s Adventures #2 takes the geocacher to an island on the Great Miami River that’s just upstream from the Wayne Madison Bridge.  Without too much trouble, you can reach it by paddling upstream, or it would make a good stop on a run downstream.

I placed it last night by parking at the old Wayne Madison bridge, putting in near there and paddling upstream.  Current was running about 3000 CFS on the Middletown Gauge, but as long as I was careful about where I was in the stream, it wasn’t too hard of a paddle.

I landed on the island and scoped out a suitable spot, before cabling the cache to a tree and covering it with debris.   On a future visit, I’ll be bringing along some trash bags to haul out some of the man-made debris on the island.   It doesn’t look like it gets heavily used, but the few users that do visit, can’t seem to be bothered to pick up after themselves.

After I placed the cache, I decided I’d try to circumnavigate the island.  Since I already knew the current passing the island in the larger north channel was pretty steep, I floated down around the downstream point, and paddled up the smaller southerly channel.  I made it about 3/4 the way up the island before I ran into current too heavy to paddle.  From there, I walked and pulled the boat to the island tip and was glad I did, because I was able to scout out a dangerous strainer on that channel, just after the split from the main river.

From there, I pulled the boat over to the main channel and enjoyed the float back down to the launch.

Check out the map and pictures:

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GMR and Four Mile Creek Paddle

Dennis and I decided it was time to finally get the boats in the water for the first time this season and launched at Combs Park like we often do.   I decided I was interested in heading up Four Mile Creek on this trip and possibly scouting for other geocache locations.

We were excited to find a suitable spot and we got a number of pictures and marked waypoints.  The only real issue is that there’s already a cache on land within about 100 ft of where we want to place, so I think I’m going to check and see if there’s any chance that cache owner would archive his.  It’s essentially a small placed in some bushes near the site, so hopefully it isn’t particularly special to the owner.  I guess we’ll see.   In the mean time, here’s some images and video I captured:

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