Meet Buster!

Buster, our new foster

Meet Buster!  Buster needs a forever home.  We rescued him as his previous owner, in dire straits, was looking for a place to just dump him.

Interesting story.  It was probably 10 PM a couple of nights ago and we were on our way home from picking up a few things at the store.   We were stopped at a traffic light and noticed a very distraught young man walking around with a dog on a rope.  The windows were open and Dee said: “look at the beautiful pitty!”.   The young man heard her and came right over.  He said: “Do you know anyone that likes pits?”

Any other time we probably wouldn’t have paid much attention to the pair at all, but there was something about these two.   As the story unfolded, we learned that Buster, short for Buster Brown was one of several dogs owned by this young man and his family.   They were short on money and were having trouble caring for their dogs and worse, had apparently run afoul of their landlord.   The young man had already found a home for their other dog, but time was running out.   He was expecting an eviction notice in the morning if any of the dogs were still in the home.

At ten pm, we were sure he would have just dumped Buster if he couldn’t find someone to take the dog.  He told us he didn’t want to take Buster to Animal Friends here in the county because he knew that they are a kill shelter and he didn’t like Buster’s odds.  He wasn’t aware of the other no-kill alternatives and again, at ten PM it was too late to pursue those options anyway.

So.. we learned all we could about Buster and then loaded him in the truck.  Buster was apparently purchased from someone who breeds pits, is allegedly pure blooded and is about 8 months old.   He’s male and not neutered.  As I noted previously, his last owner was having trouble feeding Buster and we learned that his last meal or two (at least) consisted of $1 McDoubles.  He appeared in relative good health.  He’s a bit thin, but not emaciated.  The young man said he’d had his shots, but we’re skeptical.  He had no collar or tags.  We did get a name and a contact number for the young man.  Whether they are valid or not, we haven’t checked.

He was obviously distraught as we loaded Buster into the truck and we promised that we’d make sure Buster got a good home and get in touch with the young man when that happened so he could learn the outcome.

Since that time, Buster has been doing well here.  He’s very curious and loves attention.  He’s playful and gets excited, but is easily calmed with a stern word if needed.   He’s more or less house broken although we’ve had to scold him a few times for trying to “mark” furniture.   With another male dog in the house and Buster not being neutered though, we aren’t too surprised.  He knows his name and will generally come when called.

Buster seems curious about the cats, but he’s not made any aggressive moves towards any of the other animals.  Winston, our beagle mix, doesn’t like him and tends to growl or bark at Buster at the least wrong move.  Buster seems amused by this and mostly ignores Winston.   For safety though, we’re keeping Buster and Winston separate unless we’re close at hand to monitor the interaction between the two.  Again, Buster has not made any aggressive move.  I just don’t want Winston pushing him to that point.

Buster is eating and drinking well here and without being too graphic, his waste products appear normal.

We’ll be working with some of our favorite animal organizations to get Buster vetted and neutered, but unless Winston has a change of heart and starts getting along with Buster, Buster’s time here will have to be temporary.   At a minimum, we’ll foster him until more suitable arrangements can be made.  If any of you know someone interested in giving Buster a home or know of rescue organizations that are better equipped to care for Buster than we are, please let me know.

While keeping Buster and Winston separate is a bit of an inconvenience, the situation here isn’t urgent.  We fully intend to keep our commitment to Buster and that young man and make sure Buster gets a good home.   We aren’t going to just give him away.  If someone wants him, they need to be able to get him proper veterinary care, food and a loving home.  Permanently.

Here’s some pictures:

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