A Visit to Excello Lock

I had a few minutes to kill yesterday on the way up to a client meeting in Dayton.  Since I knew I’d be passing the Excello Lock and hadn’t been there in a while I decided I’d stop there for a few pictures and perhaps try to find the new geocache that had been placed there.  There had been a geocache there some years back and I think my first visit to this location was to find it, but it had been archived, unfortunately because it’s owner thought it was getting “stale”.

Here’s the original geocache: GCKGR8 – Excello Lock.  My log for it is here.

You can visit this entry to see the images from the 2006 visit.

Fortunately, another cacher placed a new cache here: GC2NYY8 – Excello Locks.  I noticed while looking around that the bridge that used to be across what I think was an overflow spillway is now gone.

Bridge present in 2006 is now gone

The above picture is from my 2006 visit.   The area is quite a bit more overgrown than it was back in 2006 too.   I seem to recall reading that Metroparks, who I think was maintaining the area abandoned it due to budget constraints.    Someone is still mowing around the site, but the brush isn’t being cut back, so it’s much harder to see the downstream end of the locks now.

After being on the wrong side of the lock for awhile, I walked around and finally made the find on the geocache.  You can read that log here.  I also got some pictures:

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