Eclipse breakpoints not working – fixed

In the “damn that pisses me off” category, I’ve been beating my head against the wall for two days  now because my working debug setup for PHP suddenly quit working.  Google was no help in my case.  Not that there aren’t lots of possible solutions, but none seemed to work for me.

If you’re looking for the spoiler so you don’t have to read on, it’s that I cleared all breakpoints.  In my version of Eclipse, that’s under the run menu.  If it helps you, you’re welcome.

The clue for me was in this discussion.   Someone suggested clearing the breakpoints and re-adding them.   It was the one thing I hadn’t tried in all of the changes I made trying to get things working.    Apparently something corrupted by breakpoints settings and all hell broke loose.

If you’re interested, my setup is:

  • Eclipse for PHP Developers Version 3.0.2 from
  • I think the actual Eclipse package is Equinox.  I downloaded it as a pre built PHP devel package and then added stuff.
  • Remote server running Apache2

My particular installation of Apache includes configuration files in a conf.d folder, so I have an xdebug.ini.  It’s contents are:


Note that I use remote_connect_back instead of remote_host so that I can debug from any machine on my network and the server doesn’t have to have knowledge of what machine is being used as would have been the case with a value in remote_host.

Good luck.  I hope my post helps someone out.  Feel free to comment with questions.  I’ll try to help if I can.