Caesar Creek Canoeing

June 21, 2014

Dee and I decided to take the canoe up to Caesar Creek for our first even canoe outing!  It was a beautiful night without a lot of boat traffic.  We stopped at a beachy area for some pictures and a swim, and even managed to grab a clipping of some wild roses to try to root at home.

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GCX531 Caesar Creek Island Cache

We decided to make an impromptu run to Caesar Creek to put the pontoon on the water.  The weather was supposed to be nice and the pontoon hasn’t gotten near as much use as I would like it to 🙂

One of the things I like about Caesar Creek is the several islands it has.  Better than that, the two big ones in the lake both have geocaches on them and I’ve had them on the list for some time!  Since we had a geocache friendly crew on board, we decided that we were going to try for one of them.

After putting in at Furnas Shores, we decided that we’d make landing on the island in the south pool.  We easily evaded the submerged trees and put the pontoons on the sand.   Dennis and I made the climb up a small bluff with the aid of some trees and discovered after a minute or two of bushwacking, the island opens up into a beautiful canopy of trees with little ground cover.  As such, it was an easy walk to the cache area.  We found the cache with no issues and made our way back.   This is such a beautiful place that I definitely want to schedule a photoshoot out here!

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