GC36J40 Woodsdale Trail

After re-hiding Doc’s Mountain Biking #1.5, Robert and I decided to see if we could find the new cache placed not far from the original MB1 location – GC36J40 Woodsdale Trail.  I hope this one stays awhile, but it’s in an area that floods, and I have seen flood waters high enough to get the cache, so we’ll see.   The coordinates are off, and we had pretty much given up and were headed back to the parking area when I spotted a likely place for GZ.  I even said “Ya know, if I were hiding a cache of this size in this area, I’d hide it there…”.  Imagine our surprise when the cache was actually there. Here’s a link to my actual log.

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GC3GPMQ Doc’s Mountain Biking 1.5

I’m pleased to report that the Woodsdale Park is back open again, and as a result, I’ve had a chance to re-hide Doc’s Mountain Biking #1.    Since someone else has placed a cache near the original location (GC36J40 Woodsdale Trail), I decided to move the replacement cache further down the trail.   Check out the pictures:

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GCRNT0 Pond Walk

Listing: GCRNT0 Pond Walk on geocaching.com

This one was number six for me for the day, so needless to say, I cringed a bit at that first hill. Once past that though, it was a nice easy walk. I spotted about 5 or 6 large white tail deer, and the birds are everwhere!

This is a beautiful area, and I’ll definately be back again for more pictures when things start blooming.

Here’s our log on geocaching.com

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