Reunion Exhibit Gallery Opening

We had a wonderful time at last night’s opening reception for the Middletown Arts Center’s Reunion Exhibit!  The Reunion Exhibit is an annual exhibit by the Arts Center of artists that have made a substantial impact on the center, either currently, or in the past.  Participants include instructors, benefactors and other artists of significant contribution.  This is my second showing in the exhibit.

This year, I chose to exhibit two pieces from a recent underwater figure shoot that were somewhat “mermaid” like.  One I titled “Reclining Mermaid” and the other “Mermaid Dance”.

Since there was some partial nudity in the shots, it was amusing to watch the attendees at the reception.  Most viewed the pieces like they were any other art.  Some however, were obviously uncomfortable by it.  Oddly, there was at least one other work present depicting female breasts, but it didn’t seem to cause the same reaction.  Perhaps because it was a painted work and not photography.

In any case, I was proud of the works and was honored to have them accepted for the exhibit.  Turn out at the reception was good, although I was dissapointed the model for my shots, Brittany, didn’t attend.  Here’s some more images from the event:

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