SCRC Ride to Rabbit Hash – April 14, 2013

You probably remember that I’m a member of and now First Officer for the Southern Cruisers Riding Club (SCRC) Miami Valley Chapter.   One of the things we’re trying to do is build up the chapter to it’s former glory and to help do so, former chapter member and now State Officer Rod Armstrong has offered to lead some rides for us.   The first of which was a ride from Germantown down to an interesting town called Rabbit Hash.

Several members from chapters 044 and 179 met up just outside of Germantown and started the ride.  They met up with me, Dee and Dennis just outside of Ross, and we headed down to Rabbit Hash.  There, we met up with John and his wife from chapter 088.  By the time it was over, we had riders from three chapters present!  After searching for an interesting geocache in Rabbit Hash, we headed off to check out Jane’s Saddlebag.  After that, lunch at the Sunset Grill, then over Markland Dam and back through Rising Sun, Aurora and Lawrenceburg before another stop at Flubs in Hamilton for some ice cream!

All in all, a great ride!  Check out some pictures:

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