Rail Bridge Video

A compilation of my video from yesterday’s impromptu fly by of the railroad bridge across the Great Miami River. In case you missed my previous post, I was on the way home and the sunset through the bridge caught my eye.

Here’s a map of the flight path. I’ve been using DroneLogBook.com to document my flights. I’ve found that my drone will automatically synchronize with them :). There you can map the flight, or even download a GPX of the flight path, which I did and then mapped on GPSVisualizer.com.

And lastly, here’s a graph of the altitude, speed and battery level. This is a screen shot from the Parrot app Freeflight 6. DroneLogBook will show similar data, but for some reason the data is showing negative altitude. I’m not sure why. The altitude graph shows the same shape. It’s as if the exported data is offset for some reason. I’ll have to investigate this further. Anyway, here’s the data: