Post my Favorite Shots – Day 3 of 5

“Post my favorite shots” Day three of five. Apologies. I just realized I missed a day. Picking up where I left off, here’s a shot from the most difficult portrait session I’ve ever done. This  shot from 2007 was from the first portrait session I ever did with the beautiful woman who was later to become my wife. Fortunately for me, she was quite patient while I fumbled with my camera and tried not to drop it. And, since I generally just have to point the camera in the right direction with her, most of the shots turned out pretty well. Thankfully, she still puts up with my photography obsession!

Nikon D70S, 18-70mm lens, f4, 1/25, ISO800, 70mm focal length, available light. Handheld (no idea how 😉 )