Post my Favorite Shots – Day 2 of 5

“Post your favorite shots” day two of five.  If there’s one thing you can count on about this time of year (winter) is that it’s responsible for some awesome sunrises and sunsets.  This sunrise is from October 2003 and was one of many captures with my first digital camera.  ISO 100, F8, 29mm focal length.  No post processing.  Unfortunately the shutter speed has been lost to time.  The view is looking east across the Great Miami River.  I spotted this scene one morning on the way to work and parked on the side of a busy 4 lane road to get the shot.  The church in the view is on the south side of Hamilton.  As a point of interest, the cross on the steeple is tinted a gold color and glints in the setting sun.

03102021 Sunrise