Lyrid Outing – April 20, 2013

As a result of the hype about the Lyrid meteor shower peaking this past weekend, I decided that an outing to Hueston Woods to try to get some images of the event was in order.   Hoping to get some interest from my students, I put the word out to them as well, and one, Tim, ended up joining us.

Dee was a trooper and decided to go along.  In preparation, she made a bunch of hot chocolate and while on the way to the park, we stopped and picked up a some snacks

The group stares at the sky hoping to see meteors!

It was a cold outing, but an enjoyable one.  We saw at least three of the meteors, although we didn’t catch any on camera.  They always seemed to be pointing in the wrong direction!  We did have some fun using the new “Distant Suns” app for my tablet and identifying a number of constellations, and we got some good pictures of a few.

Can you spot Ursa Major? (The Big Dipper)

I’m looking forward to trying it again!