Laurel Snow Pocket Wilderness

I went down to Tennessee this past weekend to visit Elizabeth at school.  While there, we decided to do some geocaching.  One of the geocaches I wanted to do was one called Snoopy’s Mine Blowing Experience.  In doing so, we discovered an amazing area called the Laurel-Snow Pocket Wilderness.  It apparently also used to be called the Bowater Pocket Wilderness.  While the geocache was amazing, what was more amazing was the area itself.  Named for two different waterfalls: Laurel and Snow,  80ft and 33ft respectively, the area offers miles of “moderate” hiking.  Personally, if some of those trails are “moderate” I shudder at what “difficult” would be :-).  I can’t wait to get back out here when there are more leaves on the trees!  Elizabeth and I took hundreds of pictures:

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