Four Mile Creek Run – June 9, 2014

I had already been itching for some kayaking on Four Mile Creek when I had a chance to go with Jeff on the section between Bonham Rd and Lanes Mill last week.   This time around I originally wanted to do a run that started on Seven Mile Creek, merged with Four Mile Creek and ended at Combs.

Watching the Seven Mile Creek gauge though, I noticed that the recent rain did very little to increase the measured flow, and I was worried about doing more walking than paddling.   To prevent this, we decided to start at Antenen Preserve on Four Mile Creek and paddle there to Combs.

Starting at Antenen offers awesome parking, but it’s a long carry to the water.   The creek passes within 50ft of the parking area, but it’s a drop off to the water.   If you don’t mind a 100yd carry though, there’s a great “beach” area that’s perfect to launch from.

It was an awesome run! I estimated about 2 hours to make the 3 mile trip.  It turned out to be about an hour and a half.  Water level was enough that we ran all but two rapids.  The first we walked would have been runnable if not for the dual tree strainer we would have been pushed into.    The other was just wide and shallow.  That one though, near New Miami School, has a narrow chute at extreme river left that next time, I’ll run.   The only other feature of note is the gas line crossings just down river from the Antenen launch.   There are three, and each has a cement erosion protection ribbon on the stream bed above it.  The most upstream one has a high enough profile that it behaves like a ledge.  It’s an easy run with a slight scrape at the current water level.   The other two could have been any other rapid.

Can’t wait to run this section again!  If it hadn’t been so late in the evening, we probably would have done so that night!

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