A few new toys…

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I’ve always wanted a boat small enough to trailer but big enough to take to the Great Lakes or Florida for some diving.  Thanks to ebay and some help from Aunt Jewel, I got one finally!  It needs a bit of carb work though.  As Dennis put it, for the price I paid, I got a nice trailer, and they threw in a boat too…

Of course I needed something to pull the boat with… 🙂

I’ve been looking for a suitable vehicle for recreational activities as well as be able to take to races and spend the night without having to hassle with a tent.  In short order, I stumbled onto another deal here locally.

I can’t wait to put them both to use. The RV is generally ready to go.  The awning needs replaced, and I’ve already removed it.  Other than that, it just needs gas. ( A LOT of gas!)

Who wants to go ATVing!