PGR Escort Video

If you didn’t ride along in yesterday’s Patriot Guard escort, here’s your chance to get a glimpse of what you missed. Extra kudos goes to the CVG Airport Police, the Boone County Sheriff’s Department, The Ohio State Patrol, The Cincinnati Police Department and the Mariemont Police Department.

THAT is how you escort a fallen soldier home. The route included 275, 471, Columbia Parkway, Mariemont, Mount Lookout and Hyde Park. At RUSH HOUR.

They had EVERY intersection shut down and we had the expressway to ourselves. To a man, they exited their cruisers at the intersections, stood and saluted.

Kudos also to Mariemont Fire and EMS who made a full showing of apparatus and colors and also helped with some of the intersections.

Again. THAT is how you escort a fallen soldier home. Thank you to all the men and women that assisted. It made what could have been a dangerous escort much, much safer.

Here’s a 4ish minute video I put together of what I could capture. I’m sorry I don’t have any of Mariemont. I had to shoot by hand, and once we got on to Columbia Parkway I felt it best to have both hands on the bars.

Rest in Peace Captain. It’s our honor to escort you.