Hueston Woods Covered Bridge

It turned out to be a nice day today and I decided to take advantage of it by getting the wing out for a ride.  It was quite nice to let the miles of pavement roll by under the tires.  While I was out I decided I’d make a lap of the road around Acton Lake in Hueston woods and it was while I was on this lap that I remembered that there was a new covered bridge in the park and I decided to find it.   Turns out that the bridge is on the north edge of the park near a back exit for the campgrounds near the intersection of Camden-Germantown Rd.  and Heathrow Rd.

It is definitely an exception to the concept that “they don’t build them like they used to”.  Though built in 2012, this bridge was built using 200 year old covered bridge techniques.  It is beautiful!  Check out the pictures:

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