Tell me how that’s going to help again?

Have you tried to buy a product with pseudoephedrine in it lately?  I have.  I have seasonal allergies and the only decongestant that works for me is pseudoephedrine.  As such, I use Claritin D.  Back in the day, you could buy that off the shelf like any other remedy.

Then,  meth became a problem.  The government, in it’s infinite wisdom legislated the crap out of one of it’s ingredients: pseudoephedrine.  Now, when I need my Claritin D, not only do I have to find an open pharmacy, I have to show ID AND sign paperwork indicating I’m not a bad guy.  It requires almost as much complexity as buying a gun!  So, as a law abiding citizen, I’m inconvenienced by the legislation intended to elimintate the meth problem.

So, how is that working out? 11o’clock news tonight: yet ANOTHER meth lab bust in Covington.  I wonder if there’s even been a reduction in the occurence of meth labs.  It certainly hasn’t eliminated the problem and from where I sit, it doesn’t appear to have even reduced the problem.

Interesting isn’t it?  So, tell me again how similar legislation restricting guns from law abiding citizens is going to help?