Setting up the old shoes

As the emotional roller coaster ride continues with my foot injury, I found an upswing.  I  love to ride my mountain bike and pretty much didn’t for all of 2016. Then, was even more disappointed when I discovered that my custom inserts didn’t fit into my mountain bike shoes.  Of course I can’t just use any old shoes because my shoes actually attach to the pedals for better pedaling efficiency with what’s called an SPD mechanism.  So, I ended up listing my almost new, used 4 times mountain bike shoes on eBay.  Maybe someone wants them.

The upswing?  The new shoes replaced an older pair that was still in good condition but were just too big.  At least I thought.  I kept them just in case and I’m glad I did.  Turns out, they are exactly the same size as my correctly fitted and insert compatible new shoes, and the insert fits perfectly!  This means I don’t have to find $100 for new shoes prior to getting to ride again!

So, cleats installed! Let’s ride!