Me and My Sweetie!

Here’s one from our run up the river for the Jimmy Buffet concert earlier this week!  I’ll be posting more from the outing later, but this one was worth sharing.

2 thoughts on “Me and My Sweetie!”

  1. Where do you boat out of? (I may have asked you this already but I don’t remember the answer!) We boat out of Four Seasons and are there every weekend. We should try to get together out on the river sometime! 🙂

    We were planning to go to Jimmy Buffet too – but I was out of town with a family member who was having surgery. 🙁

  2. LOL, sorry I missed your comment until now! I get so many spam comments that they’re blocked until I get time to review them!

    Since we trailer the boat, if we’re going to the river, we could go just about anywhere. We often launch from Riverside marina, which is on the other side of downtown, but launching from Four Seasons isn’t out of the question.

    Coming through downtown though is nice, especially when going to concerts because we can stop at one of the riverfront restaurants and grab dinner!

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