It’s Alive!

Hi Friends!  After quite some time making use of the social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook and now Google+, and doing things like sharing images there, I’ve had the chance to give a lot of thought to how I use those sites and what their policies are on images, privacy and data retention.

I quite well realize that anything put online really isn’t private, but any of you that know me know that I worry a lot about things like site usage policies, terms of service and most importantly the tendency of these organizations to change these terms and policies with little or no notice.  This is one of the biggest reasons I haven’t jumped in on every photo sharing site out there.   The last thing I want to see is one of my pictures on some billboard without my permission.   It has happened to others.

Now that we’ve gone through the saga of MySpace loosing popularity to Facebook, which seems well on it’s way to loosing popularity to Google+, I again wonder what’s to become of images I’ve shared on those sites and, if the site goes under, by what mechanism I and my friends and family will use for a stroll down memory lane.

So, again, I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes, it really is better to just do it yourself.  I like the reliability of my domain name, my server(s), my site.  Using it, I have no one to blame but me if the ability to take that trip down memory lane is lost.

That being the case, I’m making this project active again.   I’ll continue to post on whatever the social site du-jour is, but in many cases, that will be so I can link to content here.   I won’t be posting short and sweet stuff like status updates or tweets, but in depth content like photo galleries, ride reports and whatever else will go here and be linked.

In this click-through world we seem to have arrived in, I hope that isn’t too much of a hassle for those that like to follow my hi-jinks.  Thanks for taking the time to read.