For Sale – 1975 Step Van

Hi Friends,

For your consideration is a 1975 Chevrolet Step Van.  I don’t know this van’s history beyond what I’ve used it for.  Previous owner was a handyman and worked out out it.  That’s all I know.  For me, it’s alternated between the photography event vehicle and a handy vehicle to move things around.  It’s also been used to haul motorized toys around when it’s time to go play in the dirt.  Had it for at least four years.

Features:  350 V8, PS, PB.   Doors both sides.  Roll up door in back.  Driver and passenger seats.  Reese (or similar) hitch, dual rear wheels.  Good rubber all around. Tows well.  Mostly dry inside, only the occasional drip.   I treat the rivets on top with white elastomeric coating, and it’s due for a recoat.    Runs great.   New control module in distributor.  Several dome lights.

I don’t have a good place to park it now and I don’t really want to continue paying for storage.  I’ve decided I’m going to sell it and buy an enclosed trailer for the photography event stuff.

Asking $1800.   Looking for about a 6×9 to 6×12 enclosed trailer with an inside height of about 6ft.   Also interested in a 4wd utility quad.  Trades or partial trades considered.

email me: steve @

Here’s a few pictures:

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