Blind faith in technology…

I worked at the studio until way too late tonight… well actually this morning…  On the way home I took a route that I hadn’t used in a week or so.  I knew they were doing heavy construction in the area, but I didn’t know that the part of the road I intended to use had actually been closed.  I thought it was still open to the side street I wanted.  As I approached what was ultimately the dead end I was a bit surprised to see another car stopped on the road at the dead end as if he had just turned around.  He didn’t move as I approached and was still looking down as I turned around behind him.

Against my better judgement I stopped and rolled down the window to see if he needed assistance.  Fortunately for me he wasn’t an axe murderer or something… or if he was, he wasn’t interested in me!  Anyway, turns out he was somewhat lost.  The GPS he was following had lead him to the closed road, and he was trying to figure out how to get around the closure.  Apparently he missed or ignored the detour (so did I, but that’s beside the point, I know the back roads).  Being the good samaritan that I am, I asked where he was going, intending to help guide him around the blockage.

I was a bit stunned when he said “Lexington”.

I was a bit more stunned when he said he was coming from Eaton.

For those not familiar with the local geography, thats Eaton, Ohio and Lexington, Kentucky.  Easily a two and a half hour trip.

At two in the morning.

With nothing to depend on but a GPS navigation system.

Apparently he hadn’t made this particular trip before, didn’t bring a map, didn’t research the route in advance and evidently didn’t know how to use his GPS very well.   Can you say “blind faith in technology”?

Ah well…  I had him follow me across the river and through the woods to get him around the blockage before pointing out the turn that would get him headed back in the right general direction.

I hope he has a car power cord for that thing…

Better yet… I hope he stops and buys a map!