Local EMS Chief Acting Strangely

Local EMS Chief Acting Strangely

Hamilton, Ohio – Local EMS Chief and Photographer Steve Weigold started acting strangely today.  Weigold, not normally known for vehicular vanity pulled out all the stops as he got out soap, water, buckets, scrub brushes and other supplies and started washing his car.

Neighbors noticed the commotion and the erratic behavior and immediately called authorities.  A local emergency official who asked not to be named was quoted as saying “Weigold’s sanity has been questioned for years for his involvement in EMS in general and for accepting a position as Chief specifically, but this takes the cake.”

Authorities have not tried to move in on the residence yet, fearing Weigold may turn the hose on them or himself.  They indicate they are awaiting the arrival of a psychiatric specialist.  This unnamed specialist is apparently coming from a highly placed university in Tennessee and is uniquely skilled in dealing with the kind of psychosis the Chief is displaying. Authorities will not however, release this specialists name.   In the mean time, authorities are standing by to prevent the Chief from harming himself or the surrounding community.

When interviewed, neighbors and co-workers alike agreed that the fact that Weigold was washing his car was definitely unusual and that he must need help for his unusual behavior.  One especially rural neighbor was quoted as saying “Yea, thar was this loud roar noise, like those trains yonder… then my trailer started…  wait.. wat was the kestion again?”

Reporters tried to interview Weigold himself, but he refused to turn off the buffer long enough to do so.  Those nearby report that he mumbled something about not wanting his car to look as old as he is.

And, in related news, local trailer park resident Ineeda Tension, who was on the scene watching the commotion, fainted when Chief Weigold got out the Q-tips to clean the vents.

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