Places to Visit: Lawrenceburg Train Crash

Depending on who you believe, sometime either in the 70’s or sometime well before that, there was a train crash near Lawrenceburg IN.  Some stories indicate it was a circus train and there were fatalities, others indicate it was a simple freight train and the significant problem was a large chemical spill.  Either way you slice it, a number of the cars were left in place in the creek where they landed, either as erosion control, or because they just didn’t have the heavy lifting capability to get them out of the ravine.

Queen City Discovery has a post on them.  One of these days, I want to get over there and take a look.

Discussion in the comments on the QCD post seems to put the location of the wreck in about the area of Shale Rd in Sunman IN.  Here’s a Maps Link to the area I think it is…