The New Hope Bridge

This is it… this is the place that started it for me… at least as Geocaching goes.  This is the New Hope Bridge.  My partner and I spotted it when we were doing a transport out east to a Georgetown nursing home and decided to stop and check it out on the way back.  While it is a beautiful bridge, it wasn’t the bridge itself that got me into Geocaching.  It was actually when I was going the research about it that I stumbled onto Geocaching.   Apparently, somewhere near the bridge is a letterbox.  As I learned about Letterboxing, I found that Letterboxing is a close cousin to Geocaching and learned about Geocaching!  Check out the pictures:

The bridge is located in Brown County, Ohio and spans the White Oak Creek.  The Brown County Tourism Board has this to say about the bridge:

Bridge No. 35-08-05, New Hope Covered Bridge

Located off U.S. Route 68, southwest of New Hope, this is a 188-foot Howe truss with laminated arches. The bridge on this site was built in 1872 and replaced by the present bridge in 1878. Josiah Bryant, well known Brown County bridge builder, was awarded the 1878 contract at $13.95 per lineal foot. The New Hope Bridge is among the longer single-span covered bridges in the state.

In 1902, the county employed Louis S. Bower, Sr., of Fleming County, Kentucky to renovate this bridge and he added eleven-ply laminated arches. In 1977, Brown County hired his son, Louis S. “Stocker” Bower, Jr. to supervise more repairs. The bridge unerwent extensive repairs in 2003-04 and is currently closed to traffic.

If you actually want to try to find the letterbox, here are the clues:

At the N-E end of the bridge at 3 paces away there are two poles you will see.
Behind the second pole is a large rock.The box is under the large rock
hidden by a smaller rock at the opening of its resting place.Remove the
small rock and you will see the covered bridge box .

I don’t know if it’s still there.  I didn’t learn about the box until I got home, so I haven’t found it.  The box was apparently placed in 2002…