Port Union Bike Trail – May 4, 2013

After a couple of days off because of the weather and other activities, Dee and I got back out on the bikes today.  This time we went back to the Port Union trail and this time we took Dennis along.  It was a nice ride.  We had done some tweaks to both Dee’s and Dennis’ bikes so they were testing them out.  Dee got in 6 miles, including a lengthy sprint!  Dennis and I opted to go chase down a couple of geocaches on the trail so we had about 8 miles in by the time we got back to the truck.

The first one we went for was GC104HK, The Ice House.  This cache is located at the remains of one of the ice houses that dotted the canal where they stored blocks of cut up ice from the nearby lake for shipment to customers along the canal.  Finding the cache was more challenging than it had to be because the cache information was wrong.  What was supposed to be a regular sized container like an ammo can turned  out to be a micro under a rock….

The Ice House Cache (GC104HK)

In any case, we found it and we enjoyed the history of the area.

Next on the list was GC47TAF, Spring Chicken.  I’m not sure why this one is called “Spring Chicken”, but it was an easy find once we made our way through the dense bushes.

GC47TAF – Spring Chicken

All in all, a great outing!