Port Union Bike Trail – April 30, 2013

Going for two days in a row, Dee and I made another outing with the bicycles this evening, this time to the Port Union bike trail.   This one is an interesting one that runs from SR747 almost to SR4 Bypass for a total of about 6 miles round trip.  It runs along the route of the old Miami Erie canal either on the berm, on the towpath or in the right of way depending on the area.

In addition to the nicely paved trail, the route also includes informational signs on the history of the canal (which I really enjoy) and several old canal features are still visible.  It’s well worth a visit.   If you’re a geocaching fan, there are several geocaches along the trail.  If you’ve followed my entries here for any length of time, you may remember the geocache that led me to this trail and the discovery of one of the locks from the canal in the area.

Here’s a map from the ride: