PGR Mission – Escorting SPC Cody Suggs

SPC Cody Suggs died March 7, 2013 at Kandarhar Airfield in Afganistan and came home to his family in West Alexandria this past Saturday.  The Patriot Guard had the honor of escorting him from the airport.

Rest in Peace SPC Suggs.  Your service is done and we thank you.

Below are some images from the motorcade.  One of the things you’ll see in a couple of the images is a small bell with a dog tag on it.  As you may know, I’m fond of geocaching.  I didn’t expect that world to collide with this one, but as it happens, the bell is a geocaching trackable item called the FREEDOM BELL, which I happen to be currently carrying.  You can visit it’s geocache page here.  Since the bell’s mission is all about celebrating FREEDOM and what it took to get it, it seemed only fitting that the bell would help escort SPC Suggs.  I made it a point to post an entry on the geocache page about it as well.

You can also watch a snippet of video from my position in the motorcade during the escort here.

Here’s those images:

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