I can’t believe it’s really been almost two years since I went geocaching.  I came to that depressing conclusion today as I finally took the time to use the geocaching app on my android phone.   After finishing up at a client’s facility today and enjoying a few minutes ride it occurred to me that I should pull over and see what caches might be in the area.

After a few minutes of looking through the list, I found the BCTC Port Union cache and thought it would be a good one, like many of their others I’d done.   So, plan established, I headed toward the area of the now long gone Port Union Cafe.  Turns out, this is now the Trinity Pub.  Looked like a nice place.   I didn’t visit.

After a short walk up the trail I found the spot after crossing a creek bridge.  On the bridge, looking south, you can see evidence of a large “water related” concrete structure.  Considering this trail is built on the towpath for the Miami – Erie canal, I can’t help but wonder if the structures I could see were the remains of a lock.   Might have to do some research.

Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t find the cache.   I suspect it is gone.  There was obvious evidence of 2-3 ft deep flooding in the area of the cache, and I even found a mass of camo tape that probably was around the cache container based on the previous logs for the cache.

Oh well.  It was a nice walk down the trail anyway!  Here’s a couple pictures:

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