GC29ZHW For the Love of a Pond

So despite the effort put into finding the BCTC Port Union cache only to find that it was probably washed away, I decided to find at least one more for the day.  After all, I had a travel bug (The Circle Puzzle) I needed to get rid of, considering I’d had the bug for WAY too long!

After a looking through a couple more listings, I found one on the way home that seemed promising:  GC29ZHW For the Love of a Pond

Amusingly, I thought this was going to be a retention pond that was part of someone’s landscape in a nice neighborhood based on it’s map location.    Bzzzzzz.   Wrong.   Turns out the retention pond in question was one behind a small strip shopping center and it happened to be dry at that.  So much for scenic.   Behind the pond was a narrow strip of woods.  GPS lead me right too it.  Oh well, can’t complain about the easy ones 😀

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