GC14T2M Laurel Falls Earthcache

While in the Dayton, TN area visiting my daughter at school, one of the sites we visited was the Laurel Falls Earthcache.  For the uninitiated, an Earthcache is a Geocache without a container.  Its intended to be a point of interest, generally with some significance to the Earth.  I’ve also seen these referred to as “Waymarks” or “Waymarking”.  As a type of geocache, logging an earthcache generally requires answering some questions to prove you were there, and perhaps also providing a picture.  You can read more information on the earthcache at the geocaching.com listing: GC14T2M Laurel Falls Earthcache.  You can also see more images in my post on the Laurel Snow Pocket Wilderness.  Here’s some pictures of the area around the earthcache:

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