Here it is! My Geocaching page. As if I didn’t already have enough hobbies :-).  For the uninitiated Geocaching is a sport that incorporates a combination of orienteering and treasure hunting. Essentially, you start out with a latitude and longitude and use that to aid finding the “cache”. Trust me, it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The GPS gets you close… 20-30ft or so. The rest is pure hide and seek. The experts call the ability to find the cache from there “geo-sense” :-). Some of them even make it harder by including the requirements to solve puzzles to determine the actual coordinates.  And of course, the cache isn’t just sitting out in the open!  Check out the links below for more information on geocaching. Eventually, I’m hoping to incorporate this into my ATVing since we use the GPS a lot already.

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Check the geocaching category for stories and pictures about most of the geocaches I’ve searched for!

 Geocaches I’ve Hidden

Doc’s Mountain Biking #1 (GCZ1AG)

Doc’s Mountain Biking #1.5 (GC3GPMQ) – Since Woodsdale Park is now back open, I was able to retrieve Doc’s Mountain Biking #1, fill it with more goodies and deploy it as #1.5.  Same park, but a bit further up the trail so as not to crowd another new cache in the park.  The above link takes you to the Geocaching page.  Here’s a link to my entry on the cache on this site.

Doc’s Mountain Biking #2 (GC10DT3) – Located off of one of the red trails on the Hueston Woods mountain bike system, this is a another of my signature ammo cans in the woods.  Be sure to take your bike.  There are some great trails out here!  You might also like to check out my post on placing Doc’s Mountain Biking #2.

Doc’s History Lesson #1 (GC176YC) – Originally located at a beautiful covered bridge down in northern KY off the AA highway on the way out to Maysville, this cache was lost in flooding and has been archived.  Someone else has placed a cache in the area though, so I wasn’t able to replace it.  Newer caches are all now being secured to their hiding spot.

Doc’s History Lesson #2 (GC1B93W) – This cache was originally intended to highlight the Mt. Zion Observatory and it’s history but prior to getting the cache placed, the land was transferred to the Hamilton County Park District.  Unfortunatley, their geocache rules are fairly strict and the observatory remains aren’t in an area that’s accessible to the public.  Further, I’ve learned that the remains have been substantially destroyed.

Sooo.. I found another historic location.  This cache will be deployed at the Sunfish aqueduct from the Miami Erie Canal.  As of the most recent page update though, it hasn’t been deployed yet.

Doc’s Adventures #1 (GC4FC6Z) – Seeing as how many of my geocache outings are adventures, Dennis and I decided that we should start an adventure series.  This is the first of such and is located near a bridge on a section of the Great Miami River that Dennis and I enjoy paddling.  Be sure to check out the day’s kayak adventure we had when placing this one!

Doc’s Adventures #2 (GC55YCE) – Coming soon!

Doc’s Adventures #3 (GC56T72) – Coming soon!

Doc’s Adventures #4 (GC56T7E) – Coming soon!


My Geocaching Links – I use a Garmin eTrex Vista for my geocaching activities. I protected the screen with one of the protectors used for PDAs, and the thing has been unstoppable ever since I bought it. – Once I got my GPS, I had to figure out how to mount and carry it. My Dad turned me on to RAM mounts. These things are SWEET. GPS City is an authorized distributor, and where I purchase most of my mounts. – This is a collection of FAQs and other information on geocaching in general. This site also provides “cache pages” that describe caches all over the US and provides for logging finds and hides. You can search for caches in your area by name, location, zip code, lat/lon etc – This is the website of the Ohio Historical Society. Many of the geocache sites have some historical significance, and this site has been handy in finding information about them.

The Georgetown Trip! – the trip that started it all for me after stopping at the New Hope Bridge

My Favorite Geocaches

While I log and take pictures of all the caches I hunt, some make my all time favorites list…

GCVA2C Pull Grampa’s Finger

GCPBY6 Snoopys Mine Blowing Experience – Be sure to check the other posts around this timeframe for more information on this adventure!