Kim and Brandon’s Baby Shower

I can’t say I’ve ever been invited to a co-ed baby shower, but that’s exactly what happened for Kim and Brandon’s first.   They are expecting their first bundle of joy in February.  They haven’t learned the sex, and don’t intend to until the big day, but that didn’t stop everyone with coming up with some gender-neutral gifts!   After the presents, it was karaoke time.  Turns out Kim and Brandon are big karaoke nuts.   We had a great time and Dee took a few turns at the mic as well.  Me, no so much.   Hey, someone had to take the pictures.  Yeah.. that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Party guests, if you see some images you like, feel free to right-click and save them.  Remember though that these are small sized for fast loading.  If you want full size to make prints with, let me know what numbers and I’ll email them to you or alternately, ask nice and I’ll make a CD of the set for you.

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