Doing more of that medic shit…

Just finished up a neat run. Called to a local facility for patient with chest pain. RN seemed convinced it was cardiac in origin, and with the patient’s history of CHF, it could have been.

Monitor only showed A-fib (which she had a history of) and 12 lead was unremarkable beyong that. What surprised me was her lung sounds.  Right side was clear; very clear with my new stethoscope 😆.  Left side however, was dimished to the point of being almost non-existent. With a very detailed assessment I learned that the patient has had a productive cough for the last two weeks producing green and yellow mucus and was running a low grade temp. She didn’t tell her nurses about the cough for fear of being a bother. And she had been taking tylenol for pain which I’m sure helped obscure the fever.  The chest pain? Only actually on deep inspiration.

Doctor Steve thinks pneumonia 😉

On a related note, listening to her heart sounds was particularly cool, especially with the irregularity caused by the A-fib. Love that stethoscope!

I actually enjoyed the diagnostic process on this one that took me down a totally different parh than originally expected.